We love M1nt!

Yesterday we checked out a club called M1nt and we all really loved it there. The club has it’s own sharktank, a restaurant, dancefloor and two bars –  not to mention the wiew! (It is on top of a skyscraper) Apparently it’s  a really expensive place compared to others in China, but compared to Norway it was actually quite cheap so we didn’t mind. Paid about 90 yuan for a drink as long as you didn’t order the special lifestyle ones that cost way more. If you ever want to go there getting put on the guest list is a big advantage, you have to show up before 11, but being on the guest list means you don’t have to pay the covermoney and you don’t have to wait in the long line. If you want to know more about M1nt, their homepage is here. We sure had a great time there at least. Met up with Vicki (a german girl we know from the language course) and her friends, had some drinks, danced a bit, then Iman and Cathrine got hungry so we checked out the restaurant wich was also great. Awesome evening, we all want to go back sometime! 🙂


2 responses to “We love M1nt!

  1. Dit vil jeg om jeg kommer til Kina! 😀

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