Down to the river

Going on a Huangpu River Cruise is apparently a must if you visit Shanghai. We were supposed to go on one with Fudan last week, but there was thunder and rain outside so we thought it was canceled – silly us 😛 Anyways, today we decided to go find out own Huangpu River Cruise instead. It got kind of late before we managed to get down to the river, but that was really a good thing as we got to see all the awesome lights and stuff. There were tons and tons of chinese tourists down there as well, and apparently some of them simply aren’t used to foreigners cause they wanted to take pictures with Cathrine and me. It took us a while to find a boat that looked ok, but when we did it was pretty awesome. We probably took a kind of fancy one, cause it cost us 100 yuan per person and it had a bar, etc.. we just stood on the top deck the entire time to take photos though. Sadly my camera doesn’t take that good picures by night, but Iman Irene got tons of nice ones 🙂 We didn’t really see anything new, but it was nice to see the bund without the huge crowd at the riverbank and boats are always nice, especially ones that don’t make me seasick, hehe.


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