Life at Fudan (so far)

I thought I should do a post about my university here in China (Fudan University) and what it’s like studying there, so here it is. I am now at the summer course in chinese and Im on level B (second easiest). Class starts at 8 in the morning and we use about 30 mins to school, but we calculate an hour so we leave at 7. I am actually getting kind of good at not oversleeping and my room mates come and check on me if they don’t hear any sounds from my room so Im normally on time, haha. We are in the Guang Hua building wich is pretty cool with two tall towers and pretty modern classrooms inside.We have 4 lessons a day and each lesson lasts for 45 mins so it’s pretty allright. What is kind of tough tho is that we do one chapter every day (back in Norway we did one lesson every week) and each chapter has 40-50 new words wich generally conist of 2 signs each, so yeah.. almost 100 chinese characters to study every day if Im unlucy, yay! I actually learned about half of the words already in Norway though so I think I should be ok as long as I study. Most of the other norwegian exchange students are in their own class, but since their on lvl A (easiest) and I already know some chinese I am in an international class instead, along with 2 other Norwegians, 2 Spanish, 1 Russian, 1 German, 1 American, 1 guy from Hong Kong and tons of Japanese. We have had several different teachers, but their all good and they generally understand quite a lot of english – so thats allright. I think I like the summer course even if Im a bit too lazy and dont like to study that many characters everyday I just have to force myself to do it anyway and I will learn tons 🙂

The school cafeteria is simply awesome, they got tons of different dishes you can order and their all cheap even compared to the rest of Shanghai. Sometimes you get unlucky and end up buying something a little weird, but generally I have liked more or less all the food I’ve bought there and I’ve never paid more than 6 yuan wich is really really really cheap! This morning I found out that they also sell breakfast before 8 AM, dumplings, rice, bread.. and the breakfast is even cheaper, paid 1,70 yuan for a dumpling and a piece of bread filled with vegetables – awesome! It is really crowded there though, but I always find my friends from Norway at least, as we kind of stand out a bit in the chinese crowd, hehe 🙂 Close to the subway station we normally use there is a huge shopping mall that has all sorts of stores – Wallmart, H&M, UniQlo, McDonalds, Ajisen Noodles – everything we need and then some more. We generally try to do something fun after school, like for example go sightseeing or shopping – so far I definitely love it here – hope the rest of this year will be as good as the summercourse!


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