Crowded much?

Today I went to  have indian food in the French Concession with a couple of friends. We managed to hit the evening rush I guess, cause the subways were really crowded – hardly even room to stand and some of the stations even had long lines to even enter the subways as well. Days like this makes me remember just how big this city is – more people living here than  in all of Norway – by far!

It’s not always as  crowded as in this picture, but if you get unlucky it is. Apparently Shanghainese sleep longer than I can these days though, cause Im just ahead of the big morning rush when I go to school in the morning. 🙂

For the record, the indian food was great – the French Concession in general actually seemed great, several places there that looked nice so we went and looked arround a bit, getting business cards to find our way back later on.Everyone working at the places we dropped by seemed nice as well, so Im guessing French Concession will be an area Im going to visit a lot.


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