Century Avenue

Today was a pretty long day for me. After school we went to a mexican place that I had promised to show the roomies for lunch – I managed to order some VERY spicy chicken but it was also very tasty so it was still a nice lunch, hehe.  Also got to say goodbye to one of our japanese friends, it’s so sad that their all leaving soon! Later on Iman Irene and I went to Century Avenue to have a look arround and do some shopping. Im still very much in love with the Pearl Tower, and the buildings surrounding it are also all really nice and modern. Beeing fans of Allstar we simply couldn’t just walk past their brandstore so we ended up getting one pair of shoes each, I got the plain black ones 🙂 Did need new shoes and they cost me about 300 yuan so cheaper than buying them in Oslo at least. We also found a brilliant foodstore called CitySuper – I found real cheese there! They import all sorts of food from several foreign countries, including dutch cheese so gouda for me, hehe. Saw my dreamcar as well, white porche hehe. So time to save up some money and get a licence I guess? When we got home Katrine came to visit for a while. We studied and had dinner before we all got too tired to be social, hehe. Great afternoon.


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