Bar Rouge

This weekend has mostly been very boring because we all have to study for the summer course final test. Saturday evening we girls decided to take a break though and went downtown to a place called Bar Rouge. I even curled my hair – look!

Made the stars and stuff in the background just for fun because my closet didnt really look very interersting. I have to get me a good hairspray though, cause these curls just lasted for about 20 mins. Bar Rouge was pretty awesome, located on top of a building close to the Huangpu River it has a really nice wiew of the Pudong area:

Bar Rouge was pretty relaxing compared to M1nt, with more tables and lower music. We all got to do a miniphotoshoot with huuge champagnebottles as well, just for fun – free of charge: This is me and Katrines shot (we couldnt do one with 4 people apparently as the photographer said there was no space):

We even got a print of the picture to take home with us, nice memory! 🙂 Here is a picture of all 4 of us as well that we made a random guy take for us:

We WERE  tired after studying all day tho, so we went home kind of early. Still a nice evening for sure. Today  was really boring, we had to go registrer so that we can take a health check later on, then we just studied.. will be nice to be done with this test, studying for it is endless.. there are so many characters I feel as if I should know.


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