So tomorrow is the summer course final exam. We talked in class about what we’re supposed to know and I think I should at least be able to pass it without any problems. Just passing isn’t really enough though, I want at least 80-90% on it – so now I have been studying for quite some time, practising dates, time, big numbers and tons of chinese characters. Need to look into a few more things before I go to sleep, but  I just finished trying to memorize 130 characters so felt like taking a short break. This almost feels as the good old days when I studied Japanese and Chinese at UiO, hehe. The signs do look really awesome though and it’s always fun to realise you can actually read random signs on the street, etc.

Also tried something new today, Shanghai dumplings 🙂 They are like normal dumplings, but they actually have soup inside of them in addition to the other stuffing. Taste really great and at the place I went they were cheap as well, 6 yuan for 6 dumplings! 😀 Ah well, back to studying I guess – will be great to have this test over with.


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