Done with the summercourse

Today was the last day of the summer course in chinese I have been taking. It was kind of sad saying goodbye to the ones that didnt leave already and it’s weird to imagine mornings without repeating chinese words over and over again. We got our tests from yesterday back as well, and not only did I manage to get 90% or better like I wanted (got 92), me and Mai were actually the two students that did the best in our class – yay! 🙂 Considering we’re just like 10 students left or something it’s not THAT great, but its always nice to be best at something and it was cool when the teacher said “Nikelin. You were the best!” haha 🙂 We all got diplomas from Fudan in nice red folders saying “Short-Term Programme Certificate” and Fudan T-shirts as well. Even gave us tons of random fruits and candy. It was a really nice morning.

Later on all of us Norwegians headed to the Nordic Centre (yep Fudan actually have their own Nordic centre – how cool is that?) for an information meeting about this year in China.  The head of the BI Liasion Office, the head of the International Office of Fudan and several others told us about Fudan and their work with Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and even Iceland. Apparently they really like BI as well because they were one of the universities that founded the Nordic Centre 15 years ago. The former norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Bruntland has apparently just visited the centre as well and she was also there when it was founded. I guess we’re really lucky to be studying at Fudan cause this Nordic Centre is the only one of its kind in the world apparently! :O

From what everyone was saying this year here at Fudan will be very different from studying at BI. We will have one subject at a time, working intensivly on it for some weeks and then graduating – so we will have a lot of hard work in periods and then also some time off if I understood correctly. We also got name cards that we HAVE TO bring to each and every class – or we will get “not present”.. and if we miss more than 30% of any subject we actually fail it by defaut.. wich is not what we’re used to at all! Guess we will all just have to adapt tho and work hard, then we should be fine 🙂


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