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.. for not updating for so long! For once the reason actually isn’t not having anything interesting to blog about, I have actually had so much to do I haven’t had time to update. The most boring reason Im so busy is school – somehow everything will be happening in october and november it seems, I got 4 assignments with 3 different groups and we have to read about 75 pages a day to keep up with the lectures. A more fun reason is that Rob is here to visit me 😀

Rob has been here since last weekend and I try to spend most of the time I don’t have to spend on school with him obviously. Saturday we went to the Bund, I also showed him Helens. Saturday we planned on joining a one-day trip to Wujiajiao canale town, the Venezia of China. Rob didn’t sleep on the plane though and I was tired too, so we didn’t really make it to the last bus. Lucky for us a guy called mr.Chen has made it his job to offer tourists that didn’t make the last bus his driving services though, so we still made it to Wujiajiao 🙂 We shared the minibus with 3 japanese people living and working in Shanghai and the 5 of us got to decide how long to stay in the town before returning. We stayed in Wujiajiao for 3 hours walking arround, having lunch and taking a little boattrip on the canales – Im so happy I took the time to go there rather than just showing Rob Qibao – Wujiajiao is a lot bigger, there are less people and I liked the buildings much better. It was nice to get completely out of the city as well, didn’t see gigantic skyscrapers in the background for once.

The rest of the week I have had to study a lot, meeting groups, doing research and preparing for class. It is hard to juggle my social life and school right now, but next week will be better as it is a Chinese holiday 🙂



Today I decided to try some chinese herbal tea – actually like it a lot! 🙂 This brand is one of the two brands both called Wanglokat, tastes a lot sweeter than I imagined, haha

Bicycle trip

Today was a slightly emotional day for me, I was feeling really homesick and lonely so I kind of had a talk with my roommates and some other girls in class and it made me feel a lot better. I also texted with some of my friends from China and Japan and I guess Im actually not alone at all, I just miss my norwegian friends as well I guess. After school I hanged out with my friend Kacey. Kacey and I went to the mall and had dinner before we took Kaceys bike and randomly drove arround looking at the area arround Fudan university. I was actually the one driving the bike and I got to say it was kind of scary for me to ride a bike in the traffic here, there are so many people and not everyone follow the traffic rules – it was fun as well though and I made it back to the subway station safely.

Scary elevator and Windowshopping at Peoples Square

Going outside in a t-shirt and shorts today proved to be a terrible idea. All of a sudden the temperature is down to 19 degrees.. it changed really quick, last week we had 33! When we were done with our lecture in China’s Financial Markets it was also pouring down outside so Iman Irene and I decided to take a taxi home from school for the first time since we got to Shanghai. I ran all the way from the taxi because I didn’t have an umbrella and felt pretty cold, hehe.We took the elevator up as always (we do live on the 37th floor so generally a good idea) and it was fine.. untill we got to somewhere between the 36th and the 37th floor.. the elevator stopped and we got kind of scared.. tried to push the buttons to different floors, but it didn’t work so eventually we pressed the alarm button.

Luckily the guy in the other end was able to understand us and the elevator went down to the 1st floor again. If I hadn’t been living so high up I would have considered taking the stairs up actually, but this time the elevator got us all the way up safely. After changing to warmed clothes and finding my umbrella we went to Peoples Square. We both wanted to see some more of the place and Iman Irene had some shopping to do as well.  It was still raining so we were mostly inside looking at clothes – I was good tho, didn’t buy anything! 🙂


So I It seems I have found me a students pub. The place is called Helens and it is close to Fudan. Apparently they have a Helens in Beijing as well and in several other chinese cities. The one in Shanghai is generally filled with international students and chinese students getting to know eachother. I have been to Helens 3 times now, and every time I went there I had tons of  fun and made new friends both from China and other countries. The ceiling is decorated with the flags of various countries and the atmosphere is rather cozy. Drinks are cheap and so is the food, so a lot of people come to Helens before going to the club during the weekends. It isn’t a superfancy upper class club, but I definitely like it there 🙂

Mooncake! :D

Mooncakes are supposed to be eaten on the mid-autumn festival as a part of the celebration. We couldn’t find any on the actual day that were in packages small enough for us to buy just to try them out, but today on our way home from the gym we stumbled upon packages of just 1 mooncake. I know it’s too late, but I still wanted to try this out so I got one – it actually tastes really good 🙂 Very sweet.

Kingsize italian dinner

My classmate Sverre apparently knows the owner of a new italian restaurant opening here in Shanghai – Mari e Monti. The restaurant’s goal is to become the best italian restaurant in the city and they offer various italian dishes like pizza, risotto, gnocci, etc. We got a 7 course dinner plus cofee and a sofdrink for 180 yuan per person. I haven’t eaten this much for ages – actually managed to finish all my portions and also sample all of the food we were sharing.  Everything tasted real nice and I was happy to find out they had real pesto! :)I am surprised I even made it home, as I ate so much. Nice evening, nice evening.