Random fun

After the information meeting yesterday, Iman Irene, Katrine and I decided to go with our american friend Esther to the karaoke. We got to the shopping centre it was located at a little too early though and decided to have a look arround. Somehow we ended up at Madam Thusauds Shanghai – that is inside of the New World shopping centre apparently. We got there less than an hour before it closed, but we decided to go inside anyways, and didn’t regret it for a second. Because it was so close to closing hours the entire place was more or less empty so we had all the wax dolls to ourselves and got pretty cool pictures with no crowd messing them up – here are the ones of me that I like the best:

After we finished the photofrenzy we went to Mcdonalds to reload before meeting up with Esther at the karaokebar. For those of you that don’t know, karaoke is a little different in Asia than in Europe. When you go to the karaoke here you and your friends book a room and then it’s just you in there. You don’t have to wait your turn or sing infront of a crowd – I rather like it 🙂 This karaoke place close to Peoples Square might just be the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was a maze of different rooms with people singing so loud you could hear them  from the hallways and waiters serving them drinks etc.We booked a room for a few hours and sang and it was pretty awesome 🙂 They had tons of chinese, western, japanese and korean songs.

(some of these pictures are from Iman Irene’s camera – thanks for sharing them! 🙂 )


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