Eating in Shanghai

Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Indian? Italian? Brasilian? Danish? Classy? Slow? Fast? Cheap?

Whatever food your looking for, you can probably find it in one of the hundreds of restaurants here in Shanghai. I have only been here for about a month, and Ive eaten tons of different things so far. The most tasty food isn’t necessarily the most expensive one though. I really love eating streetfood for example. In the morning there are people selling pancakes, bread, dumplings and other things chinese normally eat for breakfast. In the evening you can find noodles, hotpots, meat on a stick, etc. Most of these awesome dishes are sold for no more than 5-10 yuan 🙂 Even cheaper than making them yourselfs actually. We do however like to make our own dinner sometimes as well and groceries are also very affordable. Today Iman Irene and I decided to make homemade hamburgers – really really tasty 😀 The only things that are hard to find here are good dark bread and cheese. I really do miss being able to simply buy a big piece of Jarlsberg at the store. We did find a shop that imports various goods (including cheese) though so it is possible to find, just slightly more expensive and complicated than what Im used to back home. As for bread, we had to look for a while but we found a nice one down at our e-mart 🙂 All in all, eating here is really awesome and I still didn’t run out of new things to try out, love it!


4 responses to “Eating in Shanghai

  1. Loving the cheap shopping in Shanghai? and the dumplings?

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