I try to be all tough and independent when it comes to bugs and stuff, but today when this spider/centipide hybrid was sitting on my curtain I kind of freaked a little bit. It was pretty big and it crawled really fast up and down when I tried to catch it to get it out of my room.. a few screams later I managed to push the  bug/spider/whatever into my lunch box with one of my school books and ship it off to the balcony. I hope it decides to crawl down to another floor or something and I really hope there isn’t more of them arround it really freaked me out 😛


3 responses to “IIIIIIP!

  1. Iflg. mamman til Kacey (Dandan) er nokre av dei der giftige i Kina. Just sayin’….

  2. tror det er den her og så har du ikke noget at frygte

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