Suiting up

So I know this probably isn’t a that big deal – but today I got my very first suit! 🙂  Took me a while to find one that was actually big enough (since I am in China and all) and likeable, but in the end I found  a pretty allright pair of trousers, a blazer and a neutral shirt – guess it will work.  Wearing a suit sort of made me feel a little old somehow – or at least grownup, hehe. Iman Irene and I are true troopers by the way, we went shopping at 3 seperate areas today: The Financial District (suit etc), TianTong  road (market) and YuYuan Garden (more shops where I also got a cute ribbon! ^^)

We will be going out later on so I decided to go for a slightly more childish look to feel young again 😛

My old skirt from Harajuku goes nicely with my new ribbon – going to Cloud 9 wich is apparently on top of a very tall building – one of the bars that is highest up in the world! Will bring my camera no worries ;P


4 responses to “Suiting up

  1. Du er vakker og fantastisk!! Gratulerer med ny dress!! Kjempe søt ut-på-byen look også!! Savner deg!!

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