Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! 🙂 Today my friends and I were hoping to randomly run into some celebrations downtown and decided to take the subway to the French Concession. Didn’t see anything special tho so we ended up simply taking a look arround. We ran into some huge shopping mall, a cool-looking ball of light/commercials and  Xujiahui park. Then we found some dinner before wandering some more – last stop was a latino bar where we had desert and drinks. Not sure if we even stayed within the French Concession or not, but exploring is always fun.

On our way home Iman Irene and I stopped at all the bakeries we could find looking for Mooncakes (tradition to eat today), but the ones we found were sold in too big and expensive packages. We wen’t down to E-mart looking as well – and Iman Irene even found some – but the lady working refused to put a pricetag on it, probably because we were there just before it closed 😦

Ah well perhaps we can buy the cakes tomorrow, even if it is kind of too late.


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