An evening with my chinese friends

Yesterday my chinese friend Kacey invited me to join her and her friends for dinner, playing pool, karaoke and the student pub. Obviously there was a language barrier there (as my chinese isn’t where I want it to be yet), but I still had a lot of fun. One of Kacey’s friend is in fact japanese so I spoke a lot with her (in japanese), Kacey speaks english as well and I understood bits and pieces of what the others said at least. I really liked dinner, all of the food was very spicy, but I love spicy food so that wasn’t a problem for me. I even tried chickenfeet, a dish that is actually normal here and doesn’t taste too bad. The student pub, Helens, were packed with a lot of other international students and they had decorated the place with flags from all over the world as well, kind of cute actually. Talked to people from China, Japan, Italy, France and even Sweden, hehe ;P It was an awesome evening, always nice to meet new people.


One response to “An evening with my chinese friends

  1. Hels alle kjenten !

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