Kingsize italian dinner

My classmate Sverre apparently knows the owner of a new italian restaurant opening here in Shanghai – Mari e Monti. The restaurant’s goal is to become the best italian restaurant in the city and they offer various italian dishes like pizza, risotto, gnocci, etc. We got a 7 course dinner plus cofee and a sofdrink for 180 yuan per person. I haven’t eaten this much for ages – actually managed to finish all my portions and also sample all of the food we were sharing.  Everything tasted real nice and I was happy to find out they had real pesto! :)I am surprised I even made it home, as I ate so much. Nice evening, nice evening.


2 responses to “Kingsize italian dinner

  1. Hi Niko, last night I gone to Mari e Monti Italian Restaurant, in Mengzi rd n.33.
    The italian owner is very awesome man and the foods was excellent. I promised myself to gone back again very soon. He made a wonderful Tiramisu and Italian croquette so crispy. Mhh!!

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