Scary elevator and Windowshopping at Peoples Square

Going outside in a t-shirt and shorts today proved to be a terrible idea. All of a sudden the temperature is down to 19 degrees.. it changed really quick, last week we had 33! When we were done with our lecture in China’s Financial Markets it was also pouring down outside so Iman Irene and I decided to take a taxi home from school for the first time since we got to Shanghai. I ran all the way from the taxi because I didn’t have an umbrella and felt pretty cold, hehe.We took the elevator up as always (we do live on the 37th floor so generally a good idea) and it was fine.. untill we got to somewhere between the 36th and the 37th floor.. the elevator stopped and we got kind of scared.. tried to push the buttons to different floors, but it didn’t work so eventually we pressed the alarm button.

Luckily the guy in the other end was able to understand us and the elevator went down to the 1st floor again. If I hadn’t been living so high up I would have considered taking the stairs up actually, but this time the elevator got us all the way up safely. After changing to warmed clothes and finding my umbrella we went to Peoples Square. We both wanted to see some more of the place and Iman Irene had some shopping to do as well.  It was still raining so we were mostly inside looking at clothes – I was good tho, didn’t buy anything! 🙂


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