Finally Weekend :)

(wrote this friday but somehow it didn’t post)

I really like studying at Fudan generally speaking, but this has been a rough week for me trying to juggle my social life, lectures, homeworks, groupwork, etc. Now it’s friday though and because next week is National Week here in China I won’t have school next week. I plan to spend my vacation in Beijing and Nanjing together with Rob and Im really looking forward to it 🙂 I learn new things about Shanghai everyday though – like a few days ago we wen’t to the small park close to my appartment and guess what.. it’s actually not small, its HUGE :O There is a small lake where you can rent a boat, nice buildings, rivers, statues, playgrounds  plants and even a small zoo! There are tons of old people gathering in the park playing boardgames as well, they are really cute. And here I thought the park was really small.. amazing.


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