The trip to Beijing

Yesterday Rob and I took the train from Shanghai to Beijing. It was about 5 hours or something with the bullet train.  Shanghai Hongqiao is probably the biggest train station I have ever seen – it is brand new as well so everything is very shiny, even the floor 😛 Tons and tons of people everyday, but we managed to find our train in time this time (we actually missed the train the day before yesterday).

The train was actually pretty cool, looked a little bit like a plane and it’s speed was at an average of 300 km/h or so 🙂

We arrived pretty late at Beijing Nan station. There was a lot of people there and we ended up waiting in line for a while to get a taxi. Pirate Taxidrivers tried to talk us into going with them instead, but  we felt safer in a normal taxi. The driver didn’t know the way, but he actually called our hotel and asked them to explain, so that wasn’t a too big problem – had to talk in Chinese for a bit, but thats just practise I guess. We wen’t outside to look for food at about 00.30 so eventually we just bought some chips from a cornerstore somewhere, hehe 🙂 Will write about today later on ^^


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