Badaling (The Great Wall of China)

Our last day in Beijing started out pretty great. at our hotel they had this really cool way to order breakfast – fill out a form and leave it on your doorknob the evening before! Rob and I needed to get up early in order to make it to Badaling and back in time for our train to Nanjing. The breakfast worked out great, we got up early and we had a great meal – too bad we didn’t try it out sooner ^^

After enjoying the breakfast we headed downtown looking for bus 919 to Badaling. Belive it or not, but finding the right one actually does take some time. There are fake routes owned by people trying to scam you into driving with them, charging more money than the real route. On our way to the bus stop, for example, we almost fell for a sign saying 919 Badaling attached to the trunk of a tree, because of the amount of people waiting in line next to it.  Still it somehow didn’t seem right and we left this line to find the real bus stop a little further down the street.  The amount of people taking  919 to Badaling was unreal, and Im actually pretty sure Rob and I cut in line without meaning to, we saw the bus at the parking lot and that they had machines for the Beijing travel card inside so we just entered without noticing the huge line only metres away.  The people working at the bus were extremly effective, there was 3 people helping the busdriver out with selling tickets and the bus left within only a few minutes – I was reliefed to find out it only cost 12 yuan per person.

Badaling is the part of the wall that is the easiest to get to from Bejing and also the most crowded one. We were there during National Week so obviously I was a little worried about the amount of people. As it turned out I was pretty much right – the wall was so crowded we felt as if we were waiting in line at times. I went to Mutianyu to see the wall last time I went to China and I got to say I liked it better there – simply because it was less crowded. Nevertheless, it was great to go back the wall, and it was great to see a different part of it. It really is impressive seeing the wall and how it keeps on going and going into the horizon.  It is called one of the 7 wonders for a reason I guess. The weather was nice as well so I got some pretty cool pictures:

In Badaling they also have tons of various booths selling souvenirs, foods and snacks. They also have sliding cars to tke you up and down to the wall and even the sweetest bears ever that you can feed fruits to.  The bears even pose for you and stuff because they want the fruit.. not sure how happy they were, but they were definitely really cute.



2 responses to “Badaling (The Great Wall of China)

  1. Completely in love with this post! Seems like you had a great journey!

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