The trip to Nanjing

As there was no regular tickets left on the speed train from Beijing to Shanghai (that also stops in Nanjing), Rob and I took the Night train.Compared to the night trains in Europe I would say it is about the same standard, if not better.  We shared the room with two very quiet chinese guys that at first seemed to be taking up all the space in the room, but then moved to the hallway when we told them we were the ones sleeping in the bottom bunks.  Every bed had its own little TV (tho it was all in Chinese) with headphones and a little reading light. I was actually quite tired  so I slept for most of the trip. Rob on the other hand was awake most of the time, poor guy.  At 6 AM a lady came in and woke us up by saying really really loud that we were about  to arrive and turing on the very strong light. It worked, but I definitely liked the speed train better.  We arrived in Nanjing about 7 AM so it was way too early to check in at the hotel. We ended upleaving our luggage at the hotel and then randomly walk arround for 2-3 hours looking at the area arround the confucius temple. Nanjing seemed like a nice and quiet place this early in the morning – hardly any people outside. Then we sat down at a bench to just relax for a minute and got attacked by a family from some other part of China I guess. They all wanted to take pictures with us, pictures with just me, just rob, one of them, two of them, all of us together, etc.. took us about 20 minutes and I think they must have about 20 pictures of us as well in total. Nice people it just got a bit too much. After that we finally got our room and went to sleep for a few hours before going out to the city again.


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