Xuanwu Lake Park

If you are in Najing and you need to relax or want to do something  romantic, go to the Xuanwu lake park. It is a  huge lake and you can rent your own motorboat and simply drive arround looking at all the sights at the 4 isles in it (mostly old buildings and statues). You can also walk from island to island on the bridges if you want to take a closer look at anything. Rob and I, still feeling lazy after sleeping on the train and then for a few short hours at the hotel, decided to rent a boat though.  We drove arround for a little over an hour looking at the beutifull scenery. In addition to the  islands within the lake you also have a great wiew of the train station and the modern part of the city.  We got lucky with the sunset as well so everything looked even prettier . It was simply the perfect activity for us at the time  as well because we were both tired and lazy, really enjoyed myself 🙂 After the boat trip we tried to find our way to the subway station, but we kind of failed and got lost in Nanjing instead. In the end I found us a bus that went to a different subway stop though so we did make it home eventually, hehe.


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