Mausoleums in the Mountain

The second day in Nanjing Rob and I decided to check out the Zhongshan Mountain Scenic Area, close to the city. It took a while to get up to the mountain by subway and then by foot, but in my opinion the trip was well worth it. Next time I might take the bus from the subway stop though 🙂  Our first stop was dr Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum. The location is as beautifull as the buildings – in the middle of the green woods up in the mountain/hill/something. I used to be used to nature as I am from Norway, but living in Shanghai  has made me appreciate it more I guess, and the wiew simply took my breath away. The gate of the mausoleum and then simply wood as far as you could see. Awesome.

It is fairly easy to get arround up in the Zongshan mountain area, as you can take a minibus/big golf cart between the sights. I really wanted to check out the animal statues at the Sacred Walkway, so we headed for the Ming XiaoLing Mausoleum. As it turned out the park arround this Mausoleum was a lot bigger and it included several ruins, statues, buildings and even a lake. We took a look at the Mausoleum itself and of course the Sacred Walkway. It is a long road with several animals statues paired up in twin pairs with one satue on each side of the road. I really fell for these statues somehow, the style they are all made in is really cute, looks a little like cartoons somehow – definitely worth the trip up to these mausoleums in my opinion. The buildings, the statues and the area arround them are all beautifull 🙂 And because it is in China, you can buy more or less everything you need (and don’t need) right next to the mausoleums as well.





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