The Confucius Temple and Aqua City

The last day in Nanjing, Rob and I stayed in the area close to our hotel. Th Confucius temple is about 15 minutes by foot from where we were staying so we decided it would be the perfect place to visit our last day (as we had limited time before taking the train home). The temple is located in Old Street, close to the Qin Huai River and there are several buildings in the same style close to the actual temple itself. The temple isn’t very big, but it is charming and it features some nice statues of Confucius, a display of musical instruments and several other displays of chinese culture. I quite liked it. We walked arround a bit in the area as well, but we actually still had a few hours left so we decided to check out a huge shopping mall called Aqua City.

Aqua C ity was pretty cool, the theme is water (obviously) so they have fountains all over one of the floors and every now and then they turn on some music and make the fountains move in sync with it, looks pretty cool. It was even cooler how amazed several people were by these small watershows, several families danced arround together in front of the tallest fountains 🙂 Our favorite part of the mall was the icecream store ColdStone though -best icecream I have had for ages. Mine was called Cheesecake Fantasy and it had bits of strawberries and blueberries in it – I also made them crunch the cone and blend it into the icecream, it was amazing ^^ didnt have icecream for a while actually, heatwave and everything.. got no idea why, icecream rules!


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