Back to Shanghai

We returned to Shanghai october 8th by train. Because this was Rob’s last evening in China we went to Helens. As it turned out a lot of people I know here in China was there! Kacey, Sho and Mai among others. We had a great time talking to everyone showing them our pictures from Beijing and Nanjing.  We wanted to go to Bar Rouge as well, but when we got there the line was unreal and we were pretty tired as well so we just went home. The morning after was really sad, as it was time to follow Rob to the airport. Beeing together in China these two weeks made us decide to try and be together, distance and everything. I miss him so much already, even if it haven’t been a full week since he left – but that is a part of being in a long distance relationship I guess, I will just have to focus on school and enjoying China untill we can meet again.  There is a really stressfull period full of finals and assignments coming up at school now so I guess that will force me to focus.


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