Stress incoming

Warning: this post is going to contain a lot of complaining, so if you dont want to listen to it – stop reading 🙂

So I am really stressed out right now, feels as if we have a million things to do at school with quizes, handins, group work, presentations, etc. On top of everything Im starting to get sick, yesterday I had to leave school early because of feber and coughing, today I think the feber is gone, but my nose is running and my throat really hurts. I really dont have time to get sick right now as I have lessons from 9 to 5 tomorrow and then meeting one of my groups at school for the rest of the evening. Sometimes I think stress actually makes me sick, last year when I had finals I also got sick while studying for them. Thats right I have finals soon as well. The first one is november 1st and it is in a finance subject, yay 😛 Im trying to stay positive and look forward to good things, like our company visit to Ningbo and Rob coming to visit in the beginning of december and my family in the end of december, I really am very lucky – its just hard to do when my head and my throat hurts and I get frustrated because it is hard to focus on the million things I have to do 😦 Allright thanks for listening (if you made it this far),  going to study for my quiz tomorrow now


2 responses to “Stress incoming

  1. Dette går så bra så! Bare tenk på at når du er ferdig med alt så er Rob hos deg igjen, og når han drar kommer familien din 😀

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