Dinner at Banana Leaf

Last night our friends Sho and Henrik invited us to have dinner together with a bunch of other foreign students here in Shanghai. We brought some of our classmates along and headed for Banana Leaf. I really liked the food there, and we even had our own room with a huge table. Heard someone singing the birthday song a few tables away so we decided to pretend it was Yashar’s birthday – and thats when the randomness began. 4-5 chinese peple came in wit ha guitar, singing and dancing. They made everyone stand up and dance arround in a circle while singing not only the birthday song but also others, even Bad Romance with Lady Gaga – haha.  Really was the highlight of my evening, everyone laughed so hard trying to sing along and dance the way they did. Yashar was really surprised as it wasnt even his birthday 🙂 Nice to meet people and go outside for something thats not school for a change, been sick almost all week and has also had tons of homeworks. Feel better now though and its weekend 😀


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