Orientation racing in Shanghai

Yesterday The Nordic Society and the Traveling Society of Fudan hosted an event they called Orienteering. Basicly we were divided into teams and  went from place to place in Shanghai, taking pictures in special manners while also racing to the final spot.  It was a really beautifull day, the sun was shining and I could hardly see any clouds at all. More or less like summer in Norway (on a good day). We met up by the Mao statue at Fudan and were divided into teams. We got to choose one foreign partner (as in not chinese) so obviously I chose Iman Irene.  We teamed up with 3 Chinese students: Jean, Ivan and Jing.  They all seemed very nice and Irene and I decided to become speaking partners with Jing and Jean 🙂

The first spot we had to get to was The Bund Customs Clock Tower. This was the only place I would have been able to find on my own, as it is located in the bund where I have been a few times. The task at this spot was to take a picture showing what time it was and another one with all 5 group members in front of the tower. Piece of cake, Jean just asked a guy to take a picture for us.’

Next post was Shanghai Art Museum’s Clock Towerand it was a little trickier.  We took the subway to Peoples square as thats where people told us to go when we asked and then there was actually signs telling us where to go. Here we needed another picture telling the time and also one of us spelling Bolx with body language, hehe.  We managed this one fairly easy as well.

The next stop was way harder to find, would never have been able to get there without Ivan. There is this bell down by the Huangpu river, close to the Pearl Tower, but there is a constructionsite blocing the way to it and everything so I would never have guessed we were going the right way. The task here was to find out where on the bell Fudan University was written and then take a picture of it. We also had to take a picture  of the group standing behind eachother making it look as if the person in front had extra arms -managed these tasks as well because we rock ^^ The financial district looked great in the sunshine.

The final post before going to the finishline for us was The Fire Alarm Tower at Xiaonanmen. This post took us a while to get to as the chinese students didnt even really know the way and it was quite a few stops with the subway when we finally figured it out. We did get there though,and when we found the right subway stop it didnt take us that long to find the actual post. Here the task was to pose as  if we were in the chinese army – nailed it ;P

The finishline was the Xujiahui Cathedral/St. Ignatius Cathedral. Luckily Xujiahui has its own stop, so this one wasn’t too hard to find. When we got there we met up with a lot of other groups and talked for a bit. We realised we won the whole thing, as the other groups didn’t find all of the 4 posts- and we won some candy plus pen-holders, yay 🙂

After the event we were all feeling tired and hungry – so everyone went to KFC at the mall close to the cathedral. I talked with the Chinese students and a couple of Danish and Swedish students as well. I hope I made a bunch of new friends, was a fun day anyhow. Got to see a few new places in a whole different setting than regular sightseeing.


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