Getting ready for the winter

Seems like winter is right arround the corner here in Shanghai, or at least autumn. It doesnt get very cold here, just arround 0 degrees – but because of the humidity in the air it feels as 20 minus even when its really just 0.  Isolation and heating is just not priorities here in Shanghai either, so it will probably get very cold inside. Im very happy my friend Guri gave me a winters quilt, I also got a ministove at e-mart today so that I have something in addition to the aircondition for heating.  Last night was actually pretty cold and I guess it will just get colder from now on. Hope the ministove will help, at least it looks cool ^^

Anyways I will be gone for a couple of days on a company visit to Ningbo a bit to the south of Shanghai. Going there with my classmates and the master students so we will be 60 norwegians or so – yay! 🙂



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