Company Visit Day 2: Yi Wu

The second (and last day) of our fieldtrip we took the bus from Ningbo to Yi Wu to Shanghai. It was a lot of driving, but most of the time we had a pretty good wiew, China is beautiful! In additio Katrine was nice enough to share her laptop so I watched 3 movies or so on the bus. After about 3 hours  we arrived in Yi Wu where we all had lunch (both the bachelor and the master students) together. The food was great amd we als learned that Yi Wu has grown from farmland to a city of about 1,8 million residents thanks to a huge market selling more or less everything at large quantity and low prices. Our next stop was this exact market, and it was definitely one huge market. Apparently there is about 60 000 stores inside and I have no trouble believing it after seeing the market with my own eyes. The market was so huge we actually got seperated because we dcouldnt keep track of where everyone was going. Jens and I ended up looking at jewelry, toys and various statues.The prices were really low, but we couldnt really buy anything as they just wanted to sell in big volumes.  It was still rather interesting to see  this place though.

After 1 hour at the market we started on the long trip home to Shanghai.  It was supposed to take about 4 hours, but there had been a traffic accident somewhere so we got caught up in a pretty bad traffic jam. I have heard rumours about chinese drivers not letting the ambulance and helping crew pass them in traffic, but  I hoped it was just rumours. Now I got to see for myself though – the helping crew was stuck in traffic just like the rest of us – don’t people see that letting these cars pass will eventually make the traffic jam go away?

We got back to Shanghai at arround 8.30 in the evening – me and the girls managed to hijack the very first taxi. I spendt the rest of my evening relaxing after the long drive, hehe.


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