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I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to blog lately, my internet has been fighting me on it and so has the Great Firewall of China – but I finally won and I am able to blog again.

Anyways not much new here, wanted to blog about our christmas dinner at the Pearl Tower a couple of days ago, which was actually pretty great, so here it goes.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the main attractions in Shanghai, but I had actually never been  up there before, as I have been dodging the long line outside of the ticket office. People have waited for as long as 2 hours to enter the tower apparently. A few days ago, however, the whole BI class here at Fudan wen’t to the restaurant in the middle “pearl” for our christmas dinner. The view was pretty amazing and the food was alright. It was a buffét, so everyone ate a lot. They even had a chocolate fountain which was by far the best part of the buffét in my opinion. After dinner we checked out the rest of the middle pearl, including the “glass tunnel”. This is basicly a glass platform that you can stand on – looking down on Shanghai. It is pretty amazing actually, the view was awesome and as I’m not particulary afraid of heights I didn’t mind the glass floor. A lot of wind up there though so I had to hold on to my dress so it wouldn’t blow away.


The Financial Tower

Sorry about not writing for a while, figured I would wait until I hade something interesting to blog about rather than keep complaining about having finals and stuff, hehe.

Yesterday I took the evening off and went to Hyatt Park bar on the 92nd floor of Shanghai’s Financial Tower. I had never been up there before and I wanted to check out the wiew and the bar as well, besides it was ladies night so I got free champagne.  We got really lucky with the weather, it wasn’t cloudy at all and the wiew was pretty amazing.  I have never actually looked down on the Pearl Tower and the Jin Mao Tower before, it really made me realise how tall the financial tower is. Was a great evening with dancing, talking and just hanging out with friends. Today it’s back to studying, if I do really well and get a lot done during the day I will have dinner with some friends later tonight 🙂


Yesterday I didn’t have any classes, so I went to Suzhou with Kacey.  Suzhou is a town located rather close to Shanghai so a daytrip is definitely very doable.  We got a really early start as we left from Shanghai by train already at 8 AM, arriving in Suzhou arround 8.30. Our first stop was The Yan’s Garden, the former residence of Yan Jiagan of Taiwan.  The area included  quite a few beautifull old houses,  lovely ponds with gold fish, beautifull plants divided into 4 gardens – one for every season.

We walked arround for a while enjoying the scenery and taking photos. It was all really beautiful and peaceful and I was having a great time. On our way out we took a few photos as well, attracting the attention of a pretty large group of Chinese tourists. When a lady asked if she could take a picture with me I decided to be polite and say yes, this made the rest of the group go insane. Everyone wanted a picture together with me, pushing eachother forward, making me pose with their kids and everything.  It was crazy, people talking about me as if I was either a celebrity or an animal from the zoo – noone thought I could understand any mandarin. When it seemed as if this group had all gotten their pictures and things were calming down a bit, another group appeared and of course these people wanted their picture taken with me as well. Im pretty sure I stood there, posing, for arround 20 minutes! I guess not all Chinese are used to foreigners. I don’t mind taking pictures with a few people if they ask nicely, but this was a bit much!!  (if you can’t read the speechbubbles you should click the image – its like my own cartoon!)

After my photoshoot or whatever I should call it, Kacey and I headed to the Tianping Hill Scenic Area. It is a whole park built arround this hill overlooking the city. If we had a spot like that back in Norway, we would say “great, people can go for a hike there if they want, but thats it”,  maybe just made a simple path up there. In China it is a different story though, the park surrounding this hill was huge and they had little rides, a lake with boats in it, refreshment stands (even on the top of the hill) and stairs all the way to the top of the hill – even if they were quit poorly built. We walked arround in the park for a little while before we started on the hike up to the top of the hill. It was actually quite a walk, took us arround an hour to make it to the top. Tons and tons of people were taking the same hike, so we were never alone. The wiew was pretty amazing, especially at the top of the hill. We could see both Suzhou and the surrounding green hills, really nice. I wish I had been wearing better shoes though, my feet really hurt at the end  – the stairs were really steep and at some places you had to climb a bit as well! Got tons of nice pictures though and the wiew really was nice so the hike was well worth it 🙂

When we got down from the actual hill Kacey and I ran into a swing carousel. Kacey really wanted to go on it, so I joined  as well.  I’ve taken this kind of ride a million times before, but this one was a bit quicker than they normally are, so it was fun – fun to see Kacey’s reaction as well, she really had fun with it. Our last stop was central Suzhou where we had dinner and just randomly walked arround a bit before taking the train back to Shanghai. It was a long, but nice and eventful day 🙂

Home Delivery From Haidilao

Haidilao is a Hot Pot chain here in China that has a great reputation, especially when it comes to customer service. We even learned about this chain at school, so we wanted to go check it out for ourselves.  We invited a lot of our friends, and most of them said yes. Eventually we were about 14 people, so it was impossile to get a table. That was no problem at all though, as Haidilao also does delivery. When I got home from the store,  two guys with backpacks, gloves and shower caps were setting everything up for us. We got to borrow all sorts of stuff: chopsticks, aprons, the hot mot makers, etc etc. The food was amazing as well, hot pot basicly means you pick the ingredients yourself and boil them  in the hotpot maker which is on the table – we had tons of nice ingredients and sauces, everything was very tasty. Getting together with so many friends were nice as well, as always 🙂 Great dinner!

Dinner and Pool

Yesterday Irene, Cathrine and I had dinner with Jean (my speaking partner) and Jing (Irenes speaking partner). They took us to a Sichuan style restaurant close to Fudan. We tried several really delicious dishes, including fish, tofu and vegetables. Most of the foor was rather spicy, like sichuan food tends to be. It was great to see Jean and Jing again as well, with our finals and their midterms this was the first time we got together after the orientation race a few weeks ago. Really nice to have a speaking partner, especially since the chinese lessons provided by BI are below my level (not ment in a bad way at all, but they are beginners classes and I already studied for a year so the head of the BI liasion office gave me permission not to attend classes) . After dinner we took Jean and Jing to play some pool, they never tried it before, but they had a lot of fun and they learned quickly. Next week we want to invite them for dinner at our place, the plan is to try and make something really norwegian/western for them – any suggestions?  (keep in mind a lot of things are hard to get here in China)

Fudan Idol

Thats right, they actually have their own Fudan Idol. Yesterday after the gathering/party/thing at Nordic Centre Irene and I joined some of the others to go watch season 3 of it. Fudan Idol is closer to  the show “Britain’s got talent” than to Idol,  because the contestants can do basicly anything – rather than just sing. Yesterday we saw singers, dancers and even drummers. The contestants were at very different levels – some were actually really good while some kind of just embarassed themselfs. Was great fun anyhow, nice that Fudan actually does this, hehe.

Gathering at Nordic Centre

So Im finally done with the 3 first finals! The last one, HRM, was today, and Irene and I went directly to Nordic Centre afterwards. There was a gathering there today for chinese and nordic students to meet, play games and just have fun. It was great to get out of the appartment and do something other than studying for a change. I met a lot of nice Chinese students and a few from Sweden and Denmark as well. Irene and I were the only Norwegians there.  The games we played were kind of fun as well, we reinacted scenes from series and movies (I got to be Penny from The Big Bang Theory :D) and played the chair game (1 less chair than people, sit down when the music stops or you’re out) for example.  I even won a prize  ^^ Nice gathering, really great to meet new people as well!