A rather hectic week

I am sorry for not writing for a while, it has been a rather hectic, but not very exciting week.  As I am norwegian, I am used to a system where all the finals are generally held after the lectures of the semester is over, giving the students a lot of extra time to study. In China, however,  things appear to work quite differently.  This week we had normal lectures, two finals and started on a new subject. This is definitely doable, just not what we’re used to and it took a lot of energy studying for the finals after school, as we often got home arround 17.30 in the evening. The finals themselves were not as hard as I was worried they might be though and I doubt I can have done too bad on any of them. My main concern was the final in Chinas Financial Markets. As our major is International Marketing, not Finance, us BI students lacked the necessary background subjects. When we got to the final exam however, we got a test of our own that was modified to take this into consideration – and we will be judged differently from the rest of the class.  Directly after the final we started on our new subject – International Business. This seems like the most interesting subject we have had while studying here so far and the professor seems great – I just wish we could have started a little later to give us time to recover from the final.  Two days later at 17.00 in the evening (after school) we had our next final in Marketing Research Management. My main concern for this one was that I simply had had too little time to prepair, luckily we got pretty open questions mostly though and I just applied the theories I remembered.

Directly after school Irene and I decided to accompany Katrine meeting her friend visitng from Norway, simply because we had to do something that wasn’t school for a change. Roald seemed like a nice guy and he brought norwegian stuff! 😀 Katrine doesnt like “leverpostei” so I got to take a can home – heaven! 🙂

Today things finally slowed down a bit, we had another lecture in IB before Cathrine, Irene and I interwiewed our finance professor for the bachelor thesis. Now I am finally home, enjoying some bread with leverpostei (mashed liver really is the best explenation I guess) and blogging. Going to go over my notes from the interwiew with professor Wang and then relax for a few hours before going to Katrines place for mexican dinner (which will be the highlight of my week I think) 🙂 It is truly great that it is now weekend even if I can’t completly relax. Still have to work on the bachelor thesis and the third final is this tuesday, hehe. Anyways thats why I didnt blog a lot lately, next week will be less hectic so I will try to be better – might even have something that is actually interesting to blog about then who knows ^^


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