Mexican Night

Last night after a rather long and hectic week, our lovely friend Katrine invited a bunch of us over for mexican dinner. This might seem pretty normal to people living in Norway or the rest of Europe – but it is actually quite hard to find what you need to make taco/fajitas here – you need to go buy the ingredients at Superbrand Mall and they are rather expensive compared to other food.  Katrines friend, Roald, came to Shanghai the day before yesterday bearing gifts though, and Katrine was nice enough to share with us.  Everybocy was pretty tired, so we all watched How I Met Your Mother, relaxed and ate. After dinner a few of us went to Helens,  nice to meet my friends from outside of school again as well, a lot of them were there. Today it is back to business, however, as I want to read all the material for HRM again before the final this tuesday. It is 9 chapters so that means I will try to read 3-4 chapters today and tomorrow, then read whatever is left and go over notes and stuff the day after tomorrow. Going to be great 😛 Have a nice weekend 🙂


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