Dinner and Pool

Yesterday Irene, Cathrine and I had dinner with Jean (my speaking partner) and Jing (Irenes speaking partner). They took us to a Sichuan style restaurant close to Fudan. We tried several really delicious dishes, including fish, tofu and vegetables. Most of the foor was rather spicy, like sichuan food tends to be. It was great to see Jean and Jing again as well, with our finals and their midterms this was the first time we got together after the orientation race a few weeks ago. Really nice to have a speaking partner, especially since the chinese lessons provided by BI are below my level (not ment in a bad way at all, but they are beginners classes and I already studied for a year so the head of the BI liasion office gave me permission not to attend classes) . After dinner we took Jean and Jing to play some pool, they never tried it before, but they had a lot of fun and they learned quickly. Next week we want to invite them for dinner at our place, the plan is to try and make something really norwegian/western for them – any suggestions?  (keep in mind a lot of things are hard to get here in China)


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