Home Delivery From Haidilao

Haidilao is a Hot Pot chain here in China that has a great reputation, especially when it comes to customer service. We even learned about this chain at school, so we wanted to go check it out for ourselves.  We invited a lot of our friends, and most of them said yes. Eventually we were about 14 people, so it was impossile to get a table. That was no problem at all though, as Haidilao also does delivery. When I got home from the store,  two guys with backpacks, gloves and shower caps were setting everything up for us. We got to borrow all sorts of stuff: chopsticks, aprons, the hot mot makers, etc etc. The food was amazing as well, hot pot basicly means you pick the ingredients yourself and boil them  in the hotpot maker which is on the table – we had tons of nice ingredients and sauces, everything was very tasty. Getting together with so many friends were nice as well, as always 🙂 Great dinner!


One response to “Home Delivery From Haidilao

  1. 15 minutes of fame!

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