I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to blog lately, my internet has been fighting me on it and so has the Great Firewall of China – but I finally won and I am able to blog again.

Anyways not much new here, wanted to blog about our christmas dinner at the Pearl Tower a couple of days ago, which was actually pretty great, so here it goes.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the main attractions in Shanghai, but I had actually never been  up there before, as I have been dodging the long line outside of the ticket office. People have waited for as long as 2 hours to enter the tower apparently. A few days ago, however, the whole BI class here at Fudan wen’t to the restaurant in the middle “pearl” for our christmas dinner. The view was pretty amazing and the food was alright. It was a buffét, so everyone ate a lot. They even had a chocolate fountain which was by far the best part of the buffét in my opinion. After dinner we checked out the rest of the middle pearl, including the “glass tunnel”. This is basicly a glass platform that you can stand on – looking down on Shanghai. It is pretty amazing actually, the view was awesome and as I’m not particulary afraid of heights I didn’t mind the glass floor. A lot of wind up there though so I had to hold on to my dress so it wouldn’t blow away.


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