Reason why I didn’t blog for a while

Hey people that still bother reading my blog after it’s been quiet for about a month 😛
The reason why I’ve been quiet for so long is the Great Firewall of China. I have been trying to get thorough using different software for quite some time now, but the vpn that I used earlier is down and nothing else seem to have done the trick – right now Im in Hong Kong with my family,which is why Im able to write this. It’s quite sad that I can’t blog from China as I didn’t even want to write anything negative about the country or the government – I simplywanted to share some of my good memories from there with you guys. I will try to write some entries about some of the places I’ve been travelling to with my family while Im here in HongKong and in Europe on vacation – after that Im going back to Shanghai for another semester, hopefully I will be able to blog a little bit every now and then after returning but Im guessing it will be hard. Anyways I will put a few entries about my family vacation in China and Hongkong in soon, love Niko ^^


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