Visitors in Shanghai :)

December 17th my parents, brother and sister arrived in Shanghai to visit for a few days before travelling to some other cities in China + Hong Kong and Macao with me. It was really nice to see them all again after all of this time and kind of funny to see them in Shanghai where I have been living for so long without them as well. They actually booked a guide beforehand for all of the cities in C hina, even Shanghai where I could probably have shown them everything myself. During the 3 days my family was in  Shanghai we saw the Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao tower, Xintiandi, the French Concession, Yu Yuan Garden and many other things that I won’t  write that much about in this post as I’ve written about most of it already when I went to these places the first time.  Kind of nice to go with a guide as well though I guess, just to get the stories behind things and know what everything was, it also saved time. My familys short stay in Shanghai was just the beginning of our journey thorough China though – will write about the next stop – Suzhou – tomorrow 🙂


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