Tongli + E-biking in Suzhou :)

During our stay in Suzhou, me and my family did a daytrip to the water village of Tongli. Tongli has, as many other water towns, often been called the “Venice of the east” because of its many canales. There is also a huge lake there with an island in the middle.  During our stay in Tongli we mostly looked at old museums and buildings, we also took a boat out to the middle island. This was possibly my favorite part of the watertown, partly because of the peace and quiet and partly because of the awesome view. There is a temple out on the island and also a pond, add this to the lake view and you got one beautiful place 🙂

The highlight of my day was still trying to drive our guide Mai’s E-bike though. These wonderfull things are a crossing between a motorcycle and a bike, and are extremly easy to drive and obviously very convinient. Mai was showing me and my brother the way to a beautiful street in Suzhou and I  got to drive the E-bike all the way there, it was awesome! Random Chinese people shouted “Ni Hao!”, waved and smiled at me – so much fun. Oh and the street was really beautiful as well:


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