After a couple of days in Suzhou, my family and I took the train to Hangzhou.  We started by a boat trip on the West Lake – perhaps the most famous sight in the city. The lake was truly beautiful, surrounded by trees, pagodas and temples. According to our guide the government had to tear down the more modern buildings that used to surround the lake, in order to get it on the world heritage list.  After our boat trip we headed directly to the Lingyin Temple, featuring the Feilang rock carvings and two great temples. The Feilang rock carvings are basicly tons of buddha statues directly carved into the mountain wall – was quite impressive and special, also because of how many they are.

On our way up to the actual Lingyin temple I saw a pretty modern monk, he was riding a motor cycle, haha:

A rather priceless picture if I may say so myself. The temple area was rather impressive, huge temples with large buddha statues inside that people prayed to, including my sister that decided to become a buddhist for one day.

After we were done looking at the temple we went to a tea plantation. We got a tour and a lecture about green tea and how healthy it is. In China tea is very important and they have their own top 10 tea list. The tea from this plantation (The Dragonwell tea) is number 1 on the list, something they onviously were very proud of. My dad loves tea and the rest of us got intrigued by watching the tea remove all fat from a glass with rice and fat, so we all bought a box of tea each.  In the evening we saw a show about Hangzhou, it’s history and way of life. Tea was an essential part of the show as well, so Im guessing Hangzhou is possibly even more interested in tea than the rest of China. The tea does taste great though and it might even have helped my cold go away. More about the family trip tomorrow, have a nice day ^^


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