(Again I am very sorry for not blogging for a while, it is still the Great Firewall of China that is the issue. It will hopefully be a lot better from now on though as the new VPN Im trying is a paid one with better quality than the free ones ^^ My blogging is about 2 months behind realtime, but hey at least this way I wont run out of cool stuff to write about Im hoping)

During our stay in Hangzhou, me and my family went on a daytrip to another Canale Town – Wuzhen. About 90 minutes from Hangzhou, this was a really interesting town with traditional buildings all in brown, canales of course and several small museums including the fabric making museum, the bed museum and the alcohol museum. I especially liked the alcohol museum, you could see how they brew chinese Baijiu and even have a taste.

We also went to see the shadowplay, hard to explain but basicly there are dolls made out of colored paper behind white paper and um.. well it was really nice perhaps a picture will make it look better than my lousy description! 🙂 The actors also sang and played instruments so we were rather impressed.

All in all Wuzhen was the most interesting canale town Ive been in, because of all the museums and people making things happen. I liked all the other canale towns as well of course, but it was simply more to do in Wuzhen, definitely worth a trip 🙂


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