A Cruise on the Li River (from Guilin to Yangshuo)

One of the greatest highlights of our family trip in China was definitely taking a river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo on the Li River.  The cruise took us about 8 hours, as the river is really narrow in the winter, making it harder for the boat to drive quickly.  The Li River might just be one of the most beautifull places I’ve seen. It is surrounded by the characteristic Rocky Hills that you only find in the Guangxi province, making the view simply breathtaking. On the boat we met a really nice family from Philadelphia, America. They were all quite interesting, had traveled a lot and we talked to them a lot during the cruise – they even invited us to come visit them in America. From the boat we could see some local farmers with their animals and also some fishermen using birds to fish. The weather was nice and warm so we stayed on deck most of the time, enjoying the scenery.  I think it was a great way to see the rocky hills in a relaxed setting together with other tourists in the area. Here are some more pictures:

(Me on the boat)

(How’s that for a view?)

(And a Panorama of the view – click it to see the larger version)

(Farmer taking his Bull down to the water to drink)

And yeah that’s just a few of the pictures I would like to post – but Im guessing this is more than enough already to browse – loved the Li River Cruise!


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