After a few great days in Hangzhou we took the plane further south to the Guangxi province, starting with a city called Guilin for Christmas Eve. It was truly great to come out of the airport and feel that in fact I didn’t really need to wear my jacket anymore as it is way warmer in the south.  Guilin is more or less devoted to tourism and the government have even moved all of the factories outside of the city centre. They have also built a lot of new tourism attractions  -like the sun and moon pagoda (on the picture), their actually just about 10 years old. After lunch we had some spare time just walking arround looking at the city. Mybrother got himself a new pair of Allstar shoes  and I found some cofee. It was nice with a slightly less intensive afternoon after seeing at least 6-7 different sights a day in Suzhou and Hangzhou.  In the evening we wen’t on a lake cruise.  Guilin has 4 lakes within the city and they are all connected for the tourists enjoyment. The boats went on a round including all 4 lakes and several sights built there for us to see.  There was  fishermen using birds to catch fish, the moon and sun pagodas of course, an artifical village and several people singing, playing instruments and dancing.  It was all rather impressive, but also felt a little  artificial somehow.

Since it was Christmas eve, we wanted to have a nice dinner together and our guide knew a nice place. My family had been struggleing with Chinese food and were all pleased to learn this place was Italian. Guilin definitely is a comfortable place to spend time in the winter and is a very easy city to get arround in, perfect base if you want to visit the Guangxi area and see the  rocky hills, etc.



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