Visiting Oslo

As I was already in the Netherlands to visit Rob, I decided going to Norway as well was a must. Even if my family came to visit me in China, I still really wanted to meet my friends again as well and just go back to my hometown. Rob came to visit Norway with me as well and we had a few really great days there.  Allthough we spent a lot of time with my friends and family, I also got to show Rob a few sights and take him skiing. Although Rob had never tried skiing before and it was a little hard for him he still enjoyed it. In Oslo we are lucky enough to have a slope real close to the city centre – about 20 minutes by subway ^^

Another nice place to go in Oslo is the Folk Museum. They have moved several old buildings from different periods into one area. I didn’t go there for several years so it was rather nice for me as well.

And, of course,  Frognerparken, also known as Vigelandsparken is a must (naked people statues everywhere):

Apparently the beautifull snow got there about 1 day before I did. It didn’t feel cold either – as a matter of fact Shanghai felt colder. It was truly awesome to catch up with my friends and family although it was a little strange to go home on vacation, haha.


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