Back to Tokyo

Hey guys Im sorry that I didn’t blog for a while – I have been traveling again. This time to Japan (were I still am at the moment).  I used to study in Japan a few years back, so that’s why the post is called back to Tokyo ^^

When my Chinese new years vacation began I headed to Japan with Rob. Our first stop was Tokyo and I was looking so much forward to going back that I almost felt a little sick on the plane. As Rob didn’t arrive until one day after me, I used the first day on just looking around a bit before having to do some school work. We stayed in Higashishinjuku close to everything we needed and more – including the subway, a 24 hours convinience store, a mcDonals, etc etc 🙂 most of the sights within Tokyo was very doable from there as well. The rooms were tiny, but had everything needed as well so no biggie really. I had to laugh a little when I saw the users  manual for the toilet:

Yeah, first day was a little boring but just wait for the rest ^^


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