Yokohama is about half an hour by train from Tokyo, and is actually also one of the larger cities in Japan.  Rob and I headed to the bay quarter and took the “Seabass” (boat bus) a few stops. The weather was nice and the view from the boat was beautifull. We wanted to take the giant ferris wheel, but it was closed. The ferris wheel is (according to the Japanese anyways) one of the largest in the entire world and it would really rule to take it, but whenever I go to Yohohama the thing is closed 😦

We ended up randomly walking around for a while, looking at the buildings, the sea and the blue sky. Yohohama is slightly more quiet than Tokyo, but you can still easily find whatever you need – seems like a good place to live. Here’s a funny picture I took of a modern art statue:


2 responses to “Yokohama

  1. Haha, trodde først statuen var en berg-og-dal-bane :I

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