Catching up

I spent a many of our evenings in Japan catching up with old friends. As I used to study in Japan, I have friends from 2007 that I didn’t see for years. I even know Japanese that went to Norway to study before I went to study in Japan. Most of these friends I only meet about once every 3rd or 4th year, so it was nice to have the chance again. Here are some highlights:

(lunch with Azusa – that I have known since she studied in Oslo 2005-6)

(Dinner with Minori and Mai – friends from the language course in Shanghai last summer)

(catching up with Haruka – my speaking partner when I studied in Japan in 2006-7)

(Dinner with Koichi – my uncles number 1 fan and a good friend since I met him in Japan 2009)

These are the friends I had the opportunity to meet this time, I wish I had more time to meet the rest of my friends in Japan as they are all really awesome. Some of my friends had to work, some I couldnt grab a hold of, but Im happy I got to meet the ones I met ^^



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