Owakudani is a vulcanic valley, accesible by the Hakone ropeway. The ground is smoking, everything smells like sulphur and you can buy various black foods, cooked over the fumes. To make things even cooler, this is also the best place in Hakone to see mt Fuji:

As Rob and I closed in on the areas with the most smoke, we saw this sign:

As we were both healthy, we decided to risk it and go have a closer look. At this point the smell g pretty bad, but the smoke looked pretty awesome so we didn’t mind. The traditional food in Owakudani is the black egg, cooked over the vulcanic fumes thats coming up from the ground. It is said that eating one of these eggs will add 7 years to your life, so obivously we wanted to try. The eggs looked really special, but tasted pretty nice – I had 2 of them so Im hoping that will add 14 years to my life ^^

Owakudani is a really special place, don’t miss it if you visit Hakone 🙂


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