The Golden Pavillion

One of the most beautiful buildings in Kyoto is the Golden Pavillion. As all of the other sights, it is easy to acsess by the tourism buses and it is definitely worth the trip. Located in a beautiful Japanese garden directly next to the lake, the pavillion shines like gold in the sun. It says no photos allowed on a sign close to the entrance, but as the first thing we saw when we entered was a wall of tourists taking pictures anyhow, Rob and I followed their examples and took a few. As you can see, the pavillion was built using at least two different styles (the white and the gold). The area around the pavillion is beautiful as well, with statues, small lakes and really nice trees actually, hehe. While the golden pavillion is definitely worth the trip, it doesnt take you all day to visit, we spent about an hour inside of the park : )


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