Nara is a city known for its temples, nature areas and deer walking around everywhere. As the city is only about an hour from Kyoto by train, Rob and I decided to make it a daytrip.  First we went to the largest wooden building in the world – Todaiji. This is in my opinion one of the most impressive buildings in the world, and on the inside there is a huge budha statue. Walking towards the temple we saw tons of deer already, and I decided it would be nice to feed them, so I got a package of deerfood. All of a sudden all of the deer on the street (which turned out to be a lot of deer!) came running towards me wanting food. Somehow I thought only a few of them would notice, but Im guessing feeding them is less scary on more crowded days.  I felt as if I was under attack, as the deer kept biting my jacket, my legs and so on.

Our next stop was Nara park, a huge area of wood with several smaller temples inside. As we entered the park, we saw this sign featuring all of the deer’s special attacks:

The biting at least, I can definitely confirm. The park was beautiful, and we saw some more peaceful deer as well as a smaller temple. The forest was nice too, and as this was a grey day it was rather empty so quiet and peaceful. When staying in Kyoto, Nara is definitely worth a visit  🙂


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